How Beginners On Stage (BOS) Touched My Life… Charlotte Thame

How old were you when you started BOS?

I first joined Beginners on Stage when I was 14.

What did you love about BOS?

I had danced since very little, but acting was something I never had the confidence to do, until I joined BOS! I was with BOS right through school, only leaving to go to college.  I remained in touch with Talla, helping out with the annual shows, and giving back the confidence I had gained to the students.

What experience/feelings, if at all, have you used and taken from BOS into your adult life?

I knew I always wanted to have a career in the Arts, and I have done just that. I have worked in TV & Film as a Makeup Artist now for nearly 7 years, enjoying every second ! Whilst training in London, I continued with my acting and dance, being a part in the Camberley Pantomime a few years on the trot (GREAT fun!).

Anything you might like to add about your experience with BOS…

I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of some great and exciting films/shows, working with the likes of Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, Channel 4, ITV & BBC. I truly believe had I not have had the confidence to talk to someone whatever their status, know how to hold myself, not crumble over pressure nor nerves, and had the general confidence to be myself, I wouldn’t have got to be in a job I love so much and to have had those opportunities.
Talla, thank you. You’re just amazing, and you mean a lot to me !!!! x